How to Celebrate Halloween at Home: Games, Decorations, and Craft

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home: Games, Decorations, and Craft

With Halloween being a little different to usual, this is no reason your little ones shouldn’t get the chance to dress up this year! We’ve constructed our 2020 guide to spending Halloween at home with children to help families celebrate. 

1. Decorate!

An activity that's guaranteed to get toddlers and children excited is decorating the house into a Halloween extravaganza. Carve pumpkins, hang up fake cobwebs or trail homemade bunting around the living room to get your little ones into the spooky spirit! Try picking some branches from your local park, paint them bright green and place them in a dark coloured vase - strangely they look like witches fingers!

2. Trick or Treat stations in different rooms

Set up trick or treat stations in different rooms where your little ones can play fun party games at each station. One station could be who can make the best mummy in one minute using toilet paper. Another room can have a trick or treat theme. Add a trick or a treat into a few cups, then cover the top of the cups with orange tissue paper and use an elastic band so it's taut. Here, you can create your very own ‘Poke-a-Pumpkin’! Click here for a full tutorial. Another station could be your very own Halloween scavenger hunt, with a list of all the items your children have to find hidden in different rooms - the scarier, the better!

3. Halloween themed downloadable activities

Another station, perhaps the dining table, should be adorned with our Halloween themed downloadable activity sheets which are exclusive to our newsletter. Specially designed downloadables will help your child have a spooktacular Halloween whilst also improving their fine motor skills! Use our erasable colouring pencils so your little ones don’t have to be afraid of colouring outside the lines! More art and craft ideas and free activity sheets can be found here.

4. Halloween Charades

Let your child’s imagination run wild by playing Halloween-based charades with them. Write out your characters and cut them up to put into a bowl, fish them out and let the others marvel at what you could be! Pretending to be a pumpkin will be a task though...

5. Spooky Snacks

What’s Halloween without snacks? Spend time baking with your children to create some Halloween themed snacks. Halloween recipe ideas include 'eyeball' cake pops, pumpkin coloured cupcakes or ghost shaped cookies! For Halloween themed recipes, click here.

Written by Sam Wait

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