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3-in-1 Fine Motor Washable Arty Crayons 12-Pack | Crayon, Pastel & Watercolour

3-in-1 Fine Motor Washable Arty Crayons 12-Pack | Crayon, Pastel & Watercolour

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Drawing, colouring and writing is a joy with our easy-glide Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons, especially developed to fit a child’s hand. 

With 12 vivid colours, which can be used as crayons, pastels or watercolours, they will unleash your child's imagination, self expression and creativity. 

The easy-glide age-appropriate design also prevents muscle fatigue, meaning children can enjoy colouring, drawing and writing for longer. Twistable easy glide paint stick crayons for children are perfect for little hands to develop fine motor skills.

With these crayons being washable, non-toxic and no odour, they are safe around your little learner as well as being good for the planet too. It's a win-win!

All Love Writing Co. products are ideal for left or right handers.

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12 Easy Glide Washable Crayons for children: 3 Creative uses - crayon, pastel and water colour, 12 vivid and rich colours, for use on paper or canvas, no mess, no waste, no odour, washable and non toxic

Three Creative Uses: 

  • 12 Vivid Crayons for creative colouring and writing
  • Pastels for creating the smoothest blends
  • Watercolours for beautiful painting effects
  • Premium finish so simple to clean.
  • Correct length for children so simple to control
  • Water-soluble colours, easily wash off with water
  • Crayon, Pastel and Watercolour

Perfectly designed for a child's hand:

  • Three creative uses
  • Crayon, Pastel and Watercolour
  • 12 vivid and rich colours
  • For use on paper or canvas
  • No mess, no waste, no odour
  • Washable and Non Toxic
  • Smooth easy glide