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Learning to write is one of the fundamental building blocks of a child's development and it is the foundation on which children build all their future knowledge and understanding. Learning to write also provides the best brain workout children can get: it requires all the skills of reading, small motor coordination and even emotional intelligence. 

The Love Writing Company is on a mission to help children Love Writing from the start. We want to make it fun, we want to make it engaging and most of all we want to make it easier for children to learn to write.

Our age appropriate Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils have been specifically developed for a child's hand. Available in 2 sizes (3-5 years and 6-9 years), they have been designed with a wider diameter so they are easier to hold, a softer core so the pencil moves smoothly across the page, a hexagonal shape to encourage the correct tripod grip, and a premium finish so they are simple to clean. The pencils are also the correct length for a child's hand, making them easy to balance and control and our colouring pencils are fully erasable. 

 Our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Booksare full of fun and engaging activities that will help your child learn letter and word formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation. 

 Our Greeting Cards and Thank You Cards will encourage your child to send handwritten notes that people will love to receive whilst practising their letter formation and handwriting.

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Meet the Love Writing team!

Hi, I'm Surlender!

Life as a single mum was full of laughter, joy, tears and the odd tantrum, especially when doing homework! I will never forget those dreaded words "I hate writing" or "my hand hurts with this pencil". I couldn't afford private tuition or expensive stationery which made me feel that my children were missing out. 

This feeling stayed with me for many years and I knew I could have made their education journey easier if there had been better products available. So we have created a perfect range for little hands that parents and children will love. 

Hi, I’m Mark!

I'll let you into a secret…I used to HATE writing. I’m dyslexic and learning to write was a struggle. Eventually my parents found a school that not only understood dyslexia, they embraced it. It made such a difference and I learnt that writing was not something to be feared, in fact it was a thing of wonder.

This new found confidence in writing led me to study Law at University. I then I went into a career in advertising and ended up as Worldwide Managing Director at Saatchi and Saatchi in New York. It was a job I really enjoyed but when my children started their own learning journey I realised I wanted to help my kids, and all kids, to LOVE writing from the start. So here I am with Surlender and Pete, doing something about it…Welcome to The Love Writing Company!

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