We know you want to do all you can to help your children on their learning journey.

So it makes sense to be informed about our writing products and how and why to use them. Below you’ll find the questions our customers most often ask us, but if you have any further questions please drop us a line at hello@lovewritingco.com.

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What is the correct dynamic tripod grip?

The tripod grip uses three fingers: the thumb, index and middle finger. This is a functional grasp which is essential for holding a pencil as well as other activities like fastening buttons. Get the essential FREE Handwriting Tips Guide here now!

How to encourage tripod grip?

Before practising, it is important children use a shorter pencil as it means they can’t squeeze on unnecessary fingers. Our pencils have been specifically designed to be the right length for control and balance, with a wider diameter and hexagonal shape to encourage the correct tripod grip. Parents can try using the ‘pinch and flip’ method: simply lay the pencil with the point facing the child’s hand, when they pick it up just above the pencil’s point, the pencil will rest in the skin between their thumb and index finger in the correct tripod position. Use a variety of writing activities to make writing fun as children will be more likely to practice. Our books include sections which show how to use the tripod grip, designed with a variety of fun activities to keep children engaged.

Are your products left handed friendly?

Yes, all Love Writing Co. handwriting resources are right and left-handed friendly. Our pencils contain a softer core (2B) so the pencil moves smoothly across the page and reduces writing pressure which is important for left-handed children. Our workbooks are also ring binded and lay-flat and will help your child learn to write in comfort. Get your essential FREE Left-Handed Handwriting Tips Guide here now!

What age group are your products suitable for?

Our product range is suitable for ages 3 to 9 years-old. Love Writing Co. pencils and activity books are split into ages 3 to 5 years and 6 to 9 years. Every child develops at different stages and the age on the front can easily be covered with the FREE stickers included in our workbooks.

Are your products SEND friendly?

Yes, we are proud to say all Love Writing Co. handwriting resources are SEND friendly and assured & endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association.

Do your books teach pre cursive or cursive writing?

Our Ages 3-5 Stage 1 Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Books 1 & 2 teach precursive writing, whilst our Ages 6-9 range includes the Stage 2 Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book 1 which helps children learn cursive writing.

Do your books follow the UK National Curriculum?

Yes, our books are designed in line with the UK National Curriculum and have been created with the help of UK teaching professionals and Early Learning Educational Experts. Our activity books follow the curriculum with our own bespoke set of characters to make the learning experience more enjoyable.

Are our products sustainably sourced?

At Love Writing Co. we are conscious of our carbon footprint and endeavour to create sustainable stationery and do what we can to be kind to our planet by only using paper, wood and materials that are fully FSC certified.

Do we deliver outside the UK?

Yes, we deliver globally. All deliveries outside of the EU are sent "DAP" - Delivered at Place - as standard. This means that we arrange for carriage to the stated delivery address, but that the buyer remains responsible for all costs related to import clearance. For more information please visit our Deliveries and Returns Page.

What is our returns policy?

To enquire about a return, please contact us at info@lovewritingco.com. Returns must be made within 14 days of purchase. We will provide you with a Pre-paid Royal Mail label which will be sent via email for you to print. We will deduct the return fee from your refund amount. Pre-paid returns labels must be used before expiry dates provided. Please ensure that the product is unused and in the original packaging for a return. We endeavour to work through any returns quickly but please allow at least 10-14 working days for processing. For more information please visit our Deliveries And Returns Page.

How does the subscription work?