5 ways to get even more from your Love Writing Co. pencils

5 ways to get even more from your Love Writing Co. pencils

Parents often tell us how much their kids love using our pencils – not only do they find them easier to grip and write with, they often grow in confidence while doing so. But, it’s not ‘just’ writing that they help with - our pencils offer plenty of other benefits too. Indeed, we often say that our products are as much about helping kids do better at school as they are about writing per se. 

Children's small sized colouring pencils in different colours


Let’s look at five ways you can help your kids to get more out of their Love Writing Co. pencils. 

1. Make Sure their Writing Tool Is Always Well-Sharpened

As durable as our pencils are, they still sometimes need to be sharpened so that they can continue to deliver great results every time your child picks them up. Our double-barrel sharpeners are easy to turn and combine comfy grips with a convenient waste tank to save on mess. Better still, our sharpeners come in a range of bright colours so that your child can match their sharpener to their pencil.

2. More than just school and homework

While Love Writing Co. pencils are great for school and homework, they can be used for much more than just this! There are tons of exciting and interesting ways you can encourage your child to write without them feeling like it’s hard work. You could get them to use the pencils to:

  • Write stories about made up worlds
  • Keep a diary of their day-to-day activities
  • Write letters to friends and relatives

3. Don’t throw old pencils away

While we recommend stopping using pencils to write with once they become too short, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them away! We hate waste and all our pencils can still be used for drawing and doodling for months to come. Put those older pencils in your child’s drawing pencil case and encourage them to use the older pencils for adding shadows or to apply shade to an image. 

4. Write together and with siblings/friends

Kids love spending time with their parents, so why not write together? You could spend some time every week writing stories together – with you using a ‘grown-up’ pencil, whilst your child uses their Love Writing Co. pencil. Or, you can help them work on ‘real world’ tasks with you. Are you writing out a shopping list? Ask your child if they could help by writing down the things you need to buy and then use this list when you go shopping. This will show them that their writing skills are genuinely useful. 

5. Replace Your Pencils When Their Size Changes

Your kids will only get the best writing experience from their pencils if it fits their hands correctly. When their hands grow and the Love Writing Co. pencil no longer fits them replace them with our larger Ages 6-9 pencil so that your child can maintain optimum control, precision and accuracy when writing.


We see writing as a door-opener, allowing your kids to learn and do more. By getting the most out of your Love Writing Co. pencils, your kids will come to love writing, and not see it as ‘just’ something they do at school. Happy writing!

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