Free Printable Queens Platinum Jubilee Printable for children

Free Platinum Jubilee Activities for kids

Whether you’re hosting your very own street party or looking for decoration and crafty ideas for the kids, we've got you covered. Enjoy special access to our FREE Download printable activity pack - 10 pages of fun Jubilee colouring, drawing, handwriting practice and platinum creativity!

Free access to our printable pack, easy crafts, games and celebration ideas Take a scroll through to find out how to access yours and much more. 

Crowned Queen- A look back at history

This week, the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, with an incredible 70 years on the British throne. Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning British monarch and head of state in history, beating the record set by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Elizabeth immediately became Queen after her father King George VI died in 1952. She was crowned on 2nd June 1953 at the age of 25 in Westminster Abbey.

How will we celebrate the jubilee?

A jubilee is a special anniversary of the current reigning monarch’s ascension to the throne. To celebrate this unprecedented platinum jubilee, there will be a special four-day ‘weekend’ from Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5 - yippee! We hope you are as excited as we are!

Get your children involved with our free Jubilee printable sheets and these easy craft ideas to get them celebrating this incredible occasion. 

 1. Royal Games

Kick off the half-term Jubilee Celebrations with some Royal Games. 

  • Musical thrones

Exactly as the traditional ‘musical chairs’ is played - except we are all King’s and Queen’s today so it's been changed to ‘thrones’. Add an extra special layer of fun by dressing up as Royalty with any items you have at home. 

You can even make your own capes out of paper (‘Crafty Capes’ - Ha, we just came up with that!)

  • Pin the crown on the Queen

  • The same as you’d play ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but Jubilee themed! Grab a large piece of paper, get your little one to practice their handwriting skills and pencil grip & control by drawing their version of the Queen alongside drawing and decorating a crown on another piece of paper to cut out. 

    Once they’ve finished their pieces of art - stick the queen on a wall (be sure to use an adhesive that isn’t going to upset anyone if it takes paint off the wall - secretly laughing and crying inside!) 

    Top Tip: Add the perfect colouring sticks to your child's pencil case to unleash your child’s inner artist. Click here to get yours 10% off with code BLOG10. 


    2. Access your Free Printable 10 page Jubilee Activity Pack here

    Yes, you read that right… FREE! Download our fabulous FREE Platinum Jubilee children's pack here:

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    Pages full of handwriting practice, pencil grip & control, colouring, drawing and creativity. More Free downloads available when you sign up at

    3. Let's get creative: Royal Decoration Ideas

    Celebrate the Jubilee in style and create some Royal decorations. 

    Popular Craft Decorations:

    1. Union Jack flags to put up in the windows
    2. Flag shaped cake toppers for your party food
    3. Home-made Bunting
    4. Write invites to the street to practice handwriting and spellings. 

    Setting children important tasks like decorating for the party or writing invites/cards makes them feel important and valued, increasing their confidence. 

    Top Tips: Use our small special chunky writing pencils for the best handwriting practice and Arty Crayons for easy-clean fun. Available for ages 3-9 years

    If you are looking for ways to practice handwriting and alphabet knowledge when doing this activity too, check out our handwriting practice workbooks - designed to encourage children not only to write the letters of the alphabet, but also identify them in an upper and lower case form. 


    4. Let's get baking!

    Get baking some sweet treats for party guests or as gifts for friends and family. Kids love getting messy in the kitchen, why not try some union jack cupcakes or crown cookies to really get into the spirit? Use some edible glitter to make special shiny crowns and red, white and blue icing for some big colourful flags.

    Baking together is a great hands-on activity that fosters learning all the time. Whether that be through following and reading instructions, measuring out ingredients or improving fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Everything contributes towards helping those handwriting skills! 


    5. Outdoor Ideas: Pavement chalk 

    A great way to get kids writing whilst still having tons of fun over the bank holiday is to get some pavement chalk. It will be amazing as decoration at a street or garden party, and keeps kids busy for hours! 

    Kids are too busy having lots of fun to realise they are learning to write, improving motor skills and enhancing their creativity skills. Pavement chalk is super budget friendly and is available to purchase at most local supermarkets in the kiddies section.


    6. Let's get Crafty, The Royal Way!

  • Bunting

  • A perfect craft activity for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is making homemade bunting for decoration. Kids will love making the longest colourful chains to wind around the house or garden as decorations. This activity includes lots of weaving, cutting and sticking so a fabulous activity for improving fine motor skills.

    You will need:

    • Red, white and blue coloured card
    • Glue

    Step 1: Cut the coloured card into several long thin strips of paper. 

    Step 2: Make into a circular shape and stick into place. 

    Step 3: Loop another strip of paper through the circle and stick into place. 

    Step 4: Keep going until you are satisfied!

    Step 5: Get out your Washable Arty Crayons and erasable colouring pencils designed for little hands here. Available to purchase on offer here. 

  • Paper Plate Crown

  • Looking for a simple kids craft activity that takes little to no effort and keeps the kids busy for a while? Look no further…. 

    These paper plate crowns are the perfect independent design activity. Colouring in and cutting out also help to improve fine motor skills

    You will need:

    • Paper plate
    • Crayons or Paint
    • Scissors

    Step 1: Colour/paint in your crown yellow, gold or any colour you’d like. 

    Step 2: Draw a snowflake/star shape in the centre of your paper plate. 

    Step 3: Cut along the lines drawn and fold the triangles over so they stick up. 

    Step 4: Add any decorations you might like for example; gems, stars, stripes. 

    Step 5: Wear and be the Queen/King of England for a day!


    Don’t forget to download our Queen's Platinum Jubilee FREE Kids Activity Pack! Click here to download

    We hope you all have an amazing week of celebrations - please do tag us in your pictures on socials @lovewritingco

    Happy Jubilee Week!

    - Love Writing Co. xx

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