How early development of your child’s writing skills gives them an edge in their GCSE exams

The future can seem a long way away when you are first teaching your two-year old how to hold a pencil. However, when your toddler grows up, this early writing practice can go a long way to boosting their exam performance later in life – and there are plenty of long-term studies that provide evidence of this link.

In this article, we’ll look at why learning to write and study early can have such beneficial long-term effects. 


Faster writing facilitates faster notetaking

Although notes can now be taken on tablets and laptops, handwriting is still an essential skill (taking notes on paper is vital in chemistry labs, for instance, where computer devices may not be allowed). The faster your child can write notes, the more information they will be able to include in their revision notes.  



To write words you have to understand them

If your child can learn to write well early-on, they will be able to create the kind of imaginative sentences that examiners reward with high marks at GCSE. Learning to write as early as possible means the child will have a big head start on other kids, and can spend more time focusing on expanding their vocabulary. 

By encouraging your toddler to write letters and then build these letters into words, paragraphs and pages over time, you will ensure that they will be ready to write the essays which will tick all the right boxes at GCSE. The increased understanding about how words can be put together and taken apart when they learn to write is key to their development of the fluency required to write high-scoring essays in those crucial KS3 exams.


The more they write the more they will read

Good writing equals good reading. Wide reading will give your kids a huge range of quotations to refer to and analyse in their GCSE exams and controlled assessments. Being able to demonstrate to examiners that they have thought about the material taught in class, researched the relevant topics, and come to considered opinions on these topics, will give your child an excellent chance of achieving high grades.


In exams you have to get your thoughts down as quickly as possible

In exams, whether written or typed, speed is invaluable. Kids who can get their thoughts down as quickly as possible therefore have an advantage, can produce more complex and detailed arguments and express everything they wish to express. 

On the other hand, if the child isn’t so confident with speedy writing, they may not do themselves justice in the exam - which would be a huge shame. If your child can master the art of getting their thoughts onto paper, through the development of fast writing skills early-on in life, they are much more likely to be confident and calm in exams. 


Helping your children to develop their writing ability early on will only help boost their performance at GCSE. The Love Writing Co. range can help too, as it has been specifically designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to learn to write!

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