Let’s Hear It For The Dads! Making this Father’s Day Special for the Whole Family

Since a lot of us have spent the past few months in close proximity with our loved ones, it’s easy to take for granted how wonderful our families truly are. This Father’s Day is an opportunity to thank all the amazing dads for their brilliant efforts to keep us all smiling, even if it is with a terrible ‘dad joke’ occasionally. Although this Father’s Day won’t be spent like usual, it can be even better as we have gathered some tips for you and the kids to make this day at home one to remember.

Make a masterpiece

Get out the paints, aprons and glitter and embrace the artistic chaos as dad and his little ones create a work of art together. Be ready with a frame or some blue tack to display the piece on the wall or fridge in all its glory 

Crazy golf in the garden 

Grab a few plastic cups to make your ‘holes’, dust off the golf clubs that have been sitting in the garage and prepare to make the ultimate mini golf course in your garden! Give the holes exciting names like ‘Boomerang Bend’, ‘Cliff-hanger’ and ‘Water Wonder’. Get the kids involved and transform ordinary household objects to crazy obstacles (who knew a chopping board could double up as the ultimate putting ramp challenge!). 

Build a fort 

Employ dad’s (perhaps not so) handy skills in the most fun and kid-friendly way possible. No need for screwdrivers or glue guns, just grab some cushions, blankets, and pillows, and enjoy building the perfect fort to watch a movie and sneak some snacks in.

Create a family fairy tale (or science fiction!) 

Cut a sheet of paper into small squares and write a word on each piece - hint: words you know are going to get the kids laughing are the best. Start telling a story, then go around the circle with each person flipping a square over and adding the word into the story to create your wacky tale. You will be surprised at the things they come up with!

Learn together  

Throughout lockdown, home-schooling has become something we have all adapted to and discovered a lot about our kids and how they like to learn. Here at Love Writing, we have developed a range of both free downloads and writing packs which are designed to help your child develop their ability and love for writing. There is no greater gift than seeing your little one learn the wonders of writing and expressing themselves, and what better way to celebrate being a dad than by having the opportunity to see all the amazing things your child has learnt at home! 

Go camping the easy way

Set up a tent in the back garden or your nearby campground if it’s open, gather up some blankets, books and activities as well as a big flask of hot chocolate, and enjoy watching the sunset together. The perfect thing about staying close to home is, if you fancy it, you can easily all head back into the house and go to bed without the ‘glorious sounds of nature’ keeping you up at night, but of course, only if you fancy it. 

Give a gift from the kids

This Father’s Day at Love Writing we have made a specially designed certificate for your child to complete and personalise for their daddy! After the many weeks of home-schooling, what better than a gift that shows all the improvement the kids have made with their writing, confirming their dad has won the ‘World’s Best Dad’ award! 


We are wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day, from the Love Writing Team.


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