Lily's Little Learners Blog Review

Lily's Little Learners Blog Review

Learn to Write Pack - Review

Written by: Cassie

Qualified Early Years Practitioner & Proud mother of Lily

Love Writing Co is all about helping it be easier to learn how to write. Writing is something that all children have to learn how to do. Usually, around the age of 3, you may start seeing them develop some writing skills and by 4 or 5 they may be able to start to form letters and words. Love Writing Co makes wonderful resources which are perfect for helping your child along the right writing path. 
Lily loves Writing and is constantly practising her letters. Especially since she started school so I loved the sound of the Love Writing Company. 
We were sent one of their Learn to Write Packs to try out. 
It comes in a lovely blue drawstring bag with the logo on the front, which means that you can always keep your pack together and place it away neatly when not using it. Inside there are 2 activity books, for ages 3-5, a pack of pencils, some coloured pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and some special birthday cards. 
Firstly let's talk about the Activity books. Book 1 is all about learning to form letters. So each page has the letter A to Z in lowercase and uppercase. I was really pleased to see that it had both in as this is currently something Lily is learning. It is great for her to be able to see them side by side to be able to know what that a letter looks as a capital.

At the top, it shows the letter and also a word and picture that relates to that letter. For example h for hippo. It then has 2 lines of dotted letters which also shows you the direction you need to draw to write them. This is a great thing as Lily has started to know how to write letters but often doesn't do them the way they are meant to be drawn. The second 2 lines down just have dots and no direction. This is so your child can practice the direction of writing without seeing an example. Then finally there are 2 lines at the bottom that your child can then practice their own letters with no dots to help. 
There are also some thicker letters on a line which I think are for colouring in.
At the end of each activity, there is an area where you can place stickers. This area says well done and the sticker is a reward. Lily loved gaining a sticker after she had done a full page of letters. The stickers are all super colourful and fun and for sure any child will be working hard to get one.

At the start of book 1, there is also an activity where they can follow the lines, this activity is made for pencil grip and control. Then at the back, there are numbers for your child to write. Lily did really well with this activity though at times rushed and had to be told to slow down.  
Book 2 has a little more focus on words. After practising letters in the first book, this is where they can then move onto putting the letters neatly together to form a word. It again starts with more pencil grip and control activities and then moves on to words that start with each letter. For example L - Lion, Ladybird. It also has the same sticker area for when your child has done a good job and finished the page. This book also includes some lovely colouring of the word you have written. Which gives a nice opportunity to use the coloured crayons that are in the pack. 
The Crayons are perfect for a child Lily's age. Each pencil is the perfect size for her hand and that made it much easier to control what she was doing. the pack comes with 12 different colours and I think the biggest bonus about them is that they are erasable. Lily has often made mistake in colour before and not been able to rub it out. Which has frustrated her. Another plus about them is that they have a softer core, meaning that a child doesn't have to apply as much pressure when colouring. They all come in a neat pack where the pencils can be kept in place to use again and again. 
We were also sent some cute little birthday cards which have dotted lines for what you need to write inside. Lily can't wait until it is someones birthday so then she can do these.

The pencils that come in the pack are also specially designed with little hands and new writers in mind. They are shorter but wider so easier to hold and again have a softer core so then the pencil glides along the page easier. I must admit, I didn't see Lily struggle at all when it came to writing her letters.

The rubber and pencil sharpener is really clever because it is 2 in one. I must admit I was really surprised when I pulled it in half and found the sharpeners in there. Lily was also super excited that it had both elements to it. It is great because it catches the shavings inside and so a child can do it themself without making a mess. The rubber part is also great as it comes with a lid, meaning it won't get dirty. Lily found it really easy to rub out with this. In fact, I think she kept making mistakes on purpose just so she could use the rubber. She found it fun. 
Overall Lily really loved this set and happily sat down and quietly did her letters. It is an activity she has always loved doing anyway and in this pack there are hours of letter writing fun for her. I can see she is going to spend a lot of time completing this book. I really think it is a great way to either get your child started with writing, or helping them carry on their learning from school. I'm sure the teachers will give you brownie points for encouraging them to use a pack like this. 
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