Give the Gift of Writing

Give the Gift of Writing

Buddy Bag Foundation  

We have recently donated some of our stationery to The Buddy Bag Foundation, which provides children entering emergency accommodation with Buddy Bags to restore a sense of safety and security in their lives. Our donation will ensure 3-5 and 6-9 years olds will have some activities that can keep them occupied and a way to distract themselves during their time at refugee centres across the UK.

As a mum of two children, I wanted to help The Buddy Bag Foundation as it is such a good cause, and these bags can make an incredible difference to a child’s life when there is a lot of upheaval and uncertainty.

When I met Karen Williams, the founder of The Buddy Bag Foundation, for the first time, she really inspired me. She was so passionate about helping people and she is totally dedicated to ensuring each child who goes into a women’s refuge centre, feels safe and secure in their lives and the Buddy Bag goes such a long way to restoring these feelings.

Myself, Mark and Pete, all wanted to support this cause and help to make a difference, particularly to give something back at this time of year, when not everyone is lucky enough to have a Christmas celebration and we encourage other businesses to do the same.

Our own business mission is to ensure that EVERY child loves writing, no matter their circumstances. If providing the Love Writing Co. stationery, alongside the other essential products that are included in the Buddy Bag, which offer a mix of practical and emotional support, can help a child feel loved, secure and safe, then this is exactly what we want to be doing.

The Buddy Bag Foundation has only been going for four years but already in that time has made a huge impact and the team is helping over 200 women’s refugees and 25,000 bags will have been donated by mid-December 2019 – that is an incredible number of children that have been supported.

For us working with the Buddy Bag Foundation was a no brainer. If this small action can show a child who is struggling and scared that someone cares, it is totally worthwhile and hopefully gives both the child and the parent some comfort. What’s more this small gesture can really give a huge ray of hope for the future and no one should feel alone in these circumstances.”

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