Top 10 things To Do For Father's Day

Top 10 things To Do For Father's Day

Celebrate someone special with Father's Day with our easy sentimental crafts, activities and ideas for the whole family - includes FREE downloadable activity sheet

With Fathers Day fast approaching we know it can be difficult to think of activities to help get the kids involved. That’s why we've put together some quick and easy activity ideas that you can do throughout the week to create sentimental (and easy!) crafts, fun activities for the special Father figure in your life. Enjoy these ideas that the whole family can get involved with. 

We are so happy to be celebrating all of our wonderful Father figures who we truly couldn’t be without! 


1. ‘The Greatest Dad Show’

Get ready for the greatest show EVER! Put on a show for Dad that includes all things singing, dancing, acting and art! 

Give your child the task of planning a 3 part show and creating the content for each part. For example:

  1. Part One - A song about Dad
  2. Part Two - A poem about Dad and why he is so kind 
  3. Part 3 - Present a drawing of Dad

Get them to write, draw and create all of these aspects themselves for enhanced handwriting practice as well as reading and fine motor skills. 

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2. Dad coupons: Sentimental gifts he will remember forever 

Dad will definitely love a coupon for all things ranging from a foot massage, to helping with the dishes, to helping with washing the car. Encourage them to practice their creative thinking skills, alongside handwriting and fine motor skills by creating and cutting some coupons out for Dad. 

Allow your child to cut the coupons out with child-friendly scissors to practice fine motor skills. Pop them into his card to make him smile with a gift he can cherish forever. Coupons of activities also encourage children to feel responsible for tasks such as ‘help wash the car’ - this promotes fantastic independence. 

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3. Let’s get chefin’ - Let him choose what's on the menu! 

Cook up a storm with the kids this Fathers Day and let Dad be in charge of what's on the menu. Get them practising their handwriting skills by asking what courses Dad would like to be served. Let them write the menu down on a piece of paper and create their own al-a-carte menu design. This not only encourages handwriting practice but also creativity. 

Ask your child to read the menu out to you to practice their reading skills also (they’ll be having so much fun with their menu responsibility that they will have no idea they are practising reading and writing!)

Where safe to do so, ask your little one to help in the kitchen whether it be baking a cake of Dad’s choice for dessert to setting the table. Promoting independence, responsibility and interactive learning in their activity is a great way to engage them. 


4. A Scavenger Hunt to lead dad to his present! 

Create clues on a piece of paper with your child to lead dad to where his present is. This is such a fun game for the whole family to get involved with. Add clues to lead him to places like the shower, washing machine and end of the garden to leave notes in each place for the next clue. 

Ask your child to write the clues out themselves to practice their handwriting and fine motor skills. If your child is a confident writer, you could ask them to create riddles and rhyming sentences to add more literacy practice into this task. 

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5. Write Dad a bedtime story 

The best way to end an active day celebrating Father’s day is once in our pyjamas and all tucked into bed, asking Dad to read a bedtime story but not just any story, a story the kids have written themselves! 

Not only this but it gets kids writing, developing their literacy skills and boosting their imagination. Writing your own book for Dad and presenting it to him at bedtime on Fathers day - this would be a gift he would certainly cherish forever. Reading together helps improve a child’s listening and reading skills all whilst spending quality time together at bedtime. 

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6. Crafts: Fathers Day smart shirt design cards 

Why not show Dad how much you care by making him a special Father’s Day card. Anything made and written by hand is very special. 

Get creative and try out this SUPER easy activity - Check out the tutorial here on Instagram

All you need is a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors and some crayons

  1. Fold the sheet of paper in half
  2. Cut a 4-5cm line from top down in the centre of one side.
  3. Fold either side into a collar-like shape.
  4. Draw and design your Dad’s tie, you could try a medal instead if you prefer.
  5. Don’t forget to practise handwriting by writing a personalised message on the front and inside of the card. 

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7. FREE ‘World’s Best Dad’ Downloadable Father’s Day certificate

This Father’s Day Love Writing Co. is offering a free downloadable Fathers Day certificate!  Simply sign up to our newsletter on our website here if you haven’t already and we will be sending this out via email. 

Awarding your Dad the ‘World's Best Dad’ certificate on Father’s Day is sure to put a huge smile on his face. Improve hand strength, pencil grip and control whilst having lots of fun colouring.  Develop handwriting skills with traceable letters and sentences.

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8. Comfy, Cosy Movie night: A film of Dads choice with a twist 

A really simple idea that can really bring you all together for cuddles and sweet treats. 

The perfect activity that the whole family will enjoy is a movie night with sweet treats and snacks! A really simple alternative if you are not able to celebrate on the day. 

Add a twist into the movie by pointing out an object within the film and see how many times we can count when it appears, for example a TV. Every time a TV appears, ask your little one to tally it down and at the end you can see how many times it appears in the movie. This activity will keep them from getting bored and keep them interested throughout. They can also practice their tally taking skills. 

Activities like this create core memories in children which can have positive impacts on their wellbeing and happiness. 


9.Create memories outdoors (& practice their fine motor skills)

All being well with British weather, if the sun makes a hopeful appearance then have a day out. It doesn’t even have to cost a penny (or maybe make an exception for an ice-cream). Many of the best and most special memories are built outdoors in the simplest of settings. 

Ask Dad to come outside and play  a traditional game of catch. If you don’t enjoy ball games you could fly a kite, play tag or go to the local park. Playing games like catch significantly helps improve core body strength, upper body strength, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills - which, you guessed it, ALL help children within their handwriting. Having strengthened mobility and fine motor skills within their hands and wrists by playing catch, positively impacts their handwriting. It’s a win-win!


10. Make a time capsule 

Make a special memory this Fathers Day in one of our favourite ways! Get an old shoe box and create your very own time capsule. Pop all of their Fathers Day drawings, poems, cards, drawings and pictures into this box and ask your little one to write a story of everything that happened on Fathers Day. They can include their name, age, everyone's height and what they enjoyed most about the day. By giving them this handwriting practice task, they engage their memory, fine motor skills and also do it in such a way that makes it so fun!

Once complete, pop the shoe memory box somewhere safe to get back out at a later date (even a year on!). You’ll be able to look back on how much everyone has grown height wise, unlock the memories a year on and also more importantly, be able to see how their handwriting has developed over the years and see their future handwriting ability. 


A little note:

We hope you all have an incredible Fathers Day! No matter who you are celebrating and how you are celebrating, we wish you all feel loved, cared for and as special as you really are. 

Thank you to all of the Father figures out there and we are thinking of everyone who finds this time of the year very difficult too

Sending love to you all 

Love from, 

Love Writing Co team x

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