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'Thank You' Fun Traceable Greeting Cards For Kids: Multi-Pack of 10

'Thank You' Fun Traceable Greeting Cards For Kids: Multi-Pack of 10

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Perfect with our Erasable Colour Pencils and 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons

Give a sentimental fun and loving 'Happy Birthday' card they can keep forever this year and practice handwriting with our NEW fun and quirky greeting cards.

Our greeting cards will help your child learn to write their name and enjoy writing birthday messages and notes to all their friends and family in a fun, unique, and special way. They are designed to develop focused pencil control through writing and colouring, learn letter and word formation, and extend phonics knowledge. Plus, they are suitable for both right and left-handed writers.

The cards can be personalized with an adorable handwritten message that your child will love. Multi-Design Pack of 10.

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Enjoy sending hand written Thank You Cards Develop focused pencil control through writing and colouring Learn letter and word formation Extend phonics knowledge Send a card people will love to receive

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  • Trace the letters and words on the card 
  • Colour in picture on the inside
  • Engaging characters people will love 
  • Phonics friendly
  • Paper is fully FSC certified

Finally, the cards should be personally signed by your child, which underpins the importance of the first key word any child should write, their name!