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Left-Handed Learning Adventure Pack for Ages 3-5

Left-Handed Learning Adventure Pack for Ages 3-5

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Embark on a delightful journey of discovery and fun with our specially curated Left-Handed Learning Adventure Pack, designed with your little lefty in mind! Tailored for children aged 3-5, this comprehensive bundle is your all-in-one solution to kickstart the joy of learning to write, draw, and express creativity with ease and confidence.

What’s Inside?

  • Learn to Write the Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Activity Book (Ages 3-5): Dive into the alphabet with activities crafted to guide your child through each letter, making learning to write an exciting adventure.
  • Pre-Writing Skills Activity Book | First Writing Steps: Laying the foundation with pre-writing exercises, this book ensures the development of essential skills needed for writing success.
  • Pre-Cursive Handwriting & Alphabet Practice Books 1 and 2: These books introduce pre-cursive handwriting in a fun and engaging way, preparing your child for the next stages in their writing journey.
  • Ages 3-5 Tripod Grip Writing Pencils (x5): Designed for little hands, these pencils offer easy control, making writing exercises more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Erasable Colouring Pencils (x12) | Ages 3-5 | Tripod Grip: Unleash creativity without limits with these erasable colouring pencils, perfect for drawing and colouring activities.
  • Bonus Special Gift Offers:
    • 3-in-1 Fine Motor Washable Arty Crayons (12-Pack): Explore the wonders of crayon, pastel, and watercolour all in one, designed to enhance fine motor skills.
    • Fine Motor Double Barrelled Sharpener and Grip Strengthening Eraser: Keep writing tools sharp and perfect your grip with these essential accessories.
    • Limited Edition Love Writing Tote Bag: A stylish and practical way to keep all your learning tools together and ready for any adventure.
    • Free Fast Shipping Direct to Your Home by Royal Mail: Enjoy the convenience of fast, free shipping directly to your doorstep.

Special Offer: Get this complete left-handed writing system, valued at £69.92, for a limited time only at the incredible price of £54.99. Further discount codes not applicable. Don't miss out on this opportunity to support and nurture your child's early learning journey with the right tools for their unique needs.

Empower your little learner with the Left-Handed Learning Adventure Pack, and watch as they unlock their full creative and writing potential, all while having the time of their lives. Order now and take the first step towards a lifetime of learning and creativity!

RRP £69.92 Sale Price £54.99

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        Love Writing Co. Ages 3-5 Writing Pencils, Practice Books and Eraser Sharpener: Will help your child: Write more often. Adopt a dynamic tripod grip. Develop hand muscle co-ordination. Learn pencil control. Learn alphabet, letter and word formation Understand and engage with phonics. Learn to Write.

        Key Benefits for Early Writers:

        • Encourages Regular Writing: Motivates children to write more often and with greater ease.
        • Builds Solid Writing Foundations: Helps establish pencil control and introduces children to the fundamentals of handwriting.
        • Integrates Phonics Learning: Enhances understanding and engagement with phonics, crucial for early reading skills.

        The Complete Pack includes:

        • Pack of 5 Tripod Grip Writing Pencils
        • Pack of 12 Tripod Grip Erasable Colouring Pencils
        • Handwriting Practice Book 1: Pre-cursive for beginners
        • Handwriting Practice Book 2: Pre-cursive practice 
        • Love Writing Co. Double Barrelled Sharpener, Sharpener model may differ from image - subject to availability
        • Exclusive Keepsake Folder whilst stocks last
        • Responsibly sourced - fully FSC Certified
        • Endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association