A Look Back at Our Favourite Moments from 2020

A Look Back at Our Favourite Moments from 2020

Whilst this year has been one most of us want to forget, there have been a few moments that lifted our spirits we think are worth remembering. Here’s a few of our favourite memories from this year at Love Writing Co...

1. Celebrating our Heroes 

During the month of April, we launched our ‘Thank You Keyworkers’ downloadable sheets, and what an amazing reception these had. We received so many wonderful pictures of beaming children with their parents who worked on the frontline, able to show what their parents' jobs mean to them and the rest of the UK. Thank you keyworkers! 

2. Homeschooling in Lockdown: Launching the Love Writing Academy 

When schools closed and parents had to take on the role of teacher as well as their million other duties, we wanted to help in any way possible to make education at home easier, whilst sharing how fun writing can be. We successfully launched the Love Writing Academy releasing monthly subscription packs to help families as well as a range of completely free downloadable worksheets to provide children with fun, engaging activities to help them learn from home. 

3. Improving Sustainability 

We are always looking for ways to lessen our carbon footprint whilst delivering more wonderful activities for children. This year we improved our sustainability and commitment to the planet by cutting down our paper production, printing and paper waste. 

4. Helping to Bring Families Together

Our blog has been a hub for providing advice to families: whether it be how to integrate multiple ages of learning at home, different seasonal activity ideas, how to help your children cope with back to school anxiety or ways to celebrate the holidays at home. 

5. Giving Back to Our Community 

Launching our 12 Days of Giving Back campaign was a great moment for us to say a massive thank you for all the support we have received this year, whilst spreading some Love Writing magic to the families who helped support one another throughout the pandemic. 

6. Following Your Writing Journeys 

Of course, the most memorable experience of them all is going along the journey with families and seeing children progress in their writing this year! Hearing from parents about the incredible milestones their children have reached from learning to hold a pencil properly to writing their first word are truly the messages that have made our year.  

At Love Writing Co., our community is always at the forefront of what we do, so we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who continues to support our journey, and we could not be more proud of the amazing children who learnt to write in 2020. We look forward to helping many more families in 2021.

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