Creative ways to get children writing this Christmas

Creative ways to get children writing this Christmas

Putting together ideas and activities to keep our children occupied throughout the festive holidays can be a daunting task, so we have put together our favourite creative ways to keep your children entertained this Christmas and get them practicing handwriting at the same time (it’s a win-win!)

From all things arts & crafts, to Christmas activities and games to incorporating handwriting practice into their day. These top ideas will make sure that the fun learning never stops this festive season. Check it out: the best creative ways to encourage your child to write this Christmas. 

1.  Get crafty this Christmas with some of our Favourite craft ideas

Arts, crafts and mark-making are an essential part of learning to write and we certainly encourage it all year-round. 

A MUST have this season for Arts & Crafts are our 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons. Used as Crayons, Pastels and Watercolours, all 12 vivid colours are perfect for little artists. Spark your child’s imagination, self-expression and creativity whilst strengthening their fine motor skills and handwriting grip this Christmas. Plus, they are our Best Selling Stocking Filler Gifts too! 

A) Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

You will need: 

  1. Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons
  2. Pom-poms
  3. Glitter
  4. Glue
  5. Water

Get your green 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayon and colour in a small section on a spare piece of paper. With a paintbrush and water, add some water to the coloured in paper.

Take your paintbrush that will now have watercolour on and brush this onto your hands.

Once your palm is completely painted, press your handprint onto a piece of folded card. Slowly peel off your hand to see your handprint stamp. Decorate your handprint with pom-poms for baubles, glitter for tinsel and practice pencil grip and control by drawing and colouring a star. Complete by writing your personal message and Merry Christmas greeting. 


B) Fingerprint Fairy Lights 

You will need: 
  1. Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons
  2. Handwriting Pencils
  3. Coloured paper
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Glitter
  7. Paintbrush

To make these wonderful Christmas trees you'll first need to draw around your child's hand onto a piece of a green coloured card. Cut out a trunk on brown paper (you can colour in paper brown or use brown coloured paper/card) for your tree and stick to the back. You can ask your child to do this to practice their fine motor skills.

Carefully draw out a star on a piece of card or paper any colour of your choice. Once drawn, cut out the star and cover with a layer of glue and glitter if desired. Top Tip: Lots of glitter will make your star shine the brightest! Take our Handwriting Pencils perfectly designed for little hands and draw a fairy light swirly line across the tree (1-2 lines depending on hand size). 

Using our Washable Arty Crayons, colour in a small section on a spare piece of paper and grab your brush. Dip your brush in some water and brush over your coloured paper leaving a ‘watery’ texture. Dip your fingertip into this. Once dipped, now dab your finder to create your fairy lights. Repeat with different colours to create wonderful fairy lights. 


C) Salt Painting Christmas Trees (one of our favourites!)

You will need:

  1. Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons
  2. Salt
  3. Glue
  4. Writing Pencil 

    Draw out a curly Christmas tree (see image). Then, carefully follow the pencil line with some glue, we recommend tub squirt tube glue for this with adult supervision. Once your glue line is complete, pour salt over the glue in the same pattern. 

    Using your green arty crayon, colour onto a spare piece of paper. Wet your paintbrush and dip it onto the coloured paper. With the colour now on your wet paintbrush, carefully press onto the salt and watch the magic unveil as it changes colour! The colour will begin to bleed through the salt creating a magical salt painted tree.

    Once your tree is completely green, decorate as desired and draw on your magic star with our Yellow washable crayon.

    Top Tip: Follow us on Instagram @lovewritingco to watch this tutorial and much more craft ideas

    2. Write a letter to Santa (pssst, there’s a FREE Santa Letter included with every order with us this Christmas)

    Love Writing Co. are offering a FREE Printed Santa Letter with every single order this Christmas! Wait for your order to come through the post, receive your Santa Letter and sit down with your child to write it out. A great fun writing activity for kids as well as parents getting a sneaky insight into their Christmas lists! 

    Use our specially designed chunky writing pencils to strengthen your child’s grip, control and letter formation whilst they write their letters. Allow their imagination to flow and you may even have a few giggles along the way whilst practicing great tripod grip. 

    Once completed, you can even post them off to the Royal Mail Santa Letter address: FOA Santa, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ


    3. Write down your favourite Christmas Carols or make up your own!

    Spontaneous as this may seem, we all know kids love to sing their favourite Christmas rhyme or song… so why not encourage them to write the lyrics while they sing! This is a form of practical encouragement to write this Christmas and will for sure get their writing skills in full practice. 

    Sing together and write down the words to their favourite Christmas carol, or even let them create their very own. They can practice their confidence, speaking and reading skills by showcasing it to the family after too. 

    4. Children's Traceable Christmas Cards they will cherish forever

     Get practicing handwriting this Christmas and give a special someone a card they will love forever with our NEW Love Writing Co. Traceable Christmas Cards for Kids, Pack of 10. With quirky and cute designs such as ‘Meowy Christmas’, they will be sure to be smiling ear to ear this Christmas. 

    Your child can trace the front cover message and inner message including a space to personalize the name, a message and even add a drawing and colouring in each card. Encouraging your child to take the time to write their own cards will teach them the importance of time and effort to show love to their nearest and dearest too. 

    Perfect with our Erasable Colour Pencils and 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons, your child will enjoy writing Christmas cards to all of their friends and family. By using these Traceable Cards, your child will develop focused pencil grip and control through writing and colouring, learn letter and word formation and even extend their phonics knowledge. Click here to shop our Christmas discounts on our Traceable Christmas cards today - Happy writing!


    5. Use our Tree-Mendous Festive Fun downloadable pack

    Love Writing Co. are offering a Tree-mendous Festive Fun downloadable activity pack - perfect for all children 3+

    Keep them entertained for hours with activities ranging from wreath designing, to paper chain crafts and even includes a Letter to Santa. 

    This pack will help your child to learn and develop letter and word formation, build pencil control and encourage a solid writing foundation whilst having fun. Christmas crafting and practicing independent design will spark your child's imagination and improve their creativity skills. It’s endless hours of fun! Check out our Christmas offers on this pack now here. 


    6. Get your child to write their own Gift Tags for presents 

    As you and your child wrap presents this year why not let them get more involved with writing on the gift tag. 

    This is a perfect opportunity for their love of writing to start, grow and develop. This is a task they will not only enjoy and practice their handwriting, but will create wonderful Christmas family bonding and a gift that will make others smile. 

    Use our erasable colour pencils and writing pencils to write the tags for a supported handwriting experience and don’t worry if there are any mistakes, there is no need for tears - simply erase and start again! 


    7.  Access your FREE worksheet resources and activity sheets 


    Sign up here to our newsletter to gain access to your exclusive FREE activity worksheets suitable for all children 3+ that will be sure to keep them busy for hours over the holidays. Each free downloadable focuses on handwriting and alphabet practice and is fun packed with engaging activities that will allow your child to practice word formation, pencil control, establish a solid writing foundation and most importantly, strengthen writing confidence. 

    From all things games, scavenger hunts and affirmation, you’ll never be stuck for an activity idea.


    8. Get them to write their own table place cards 

    Get your child involved in preparing the Christmas dinner and have them write out everyone's names onto a place card using our Erasable Colour pencils and Writing Pencils.  

    They can even decorate, colour and draw on them to give it that special extra touch. Encourage your child to use their handwriting skills as well as practicing pencil grip and control whilst creating their Christmas themed illustrations! Giving your child important tasks makes them feel valued and increases confidence.


    9. Christmas scavenger hunt!

    We all know children love scavenger hunts, so why not make a Christmas version? 

    Pick out some Christmas themed items you could hide around the house. You could use items such as candy canes, ornaments, presents and stockings. Ask your child to write them down on a list for you and then send them on their way to find every item. You sure will hear a lot of giggles whilst playing this game, a truly wonderful way to spend Christmas together this year and build a positive writing relationship for your child. 


    10. Encourage children to write some New Year’s resolutions 

    Ask your child to take part in identifying some New Year’s resolutions as we fast approach the new year. Reflecting on the past year and thinking about who we want to be next year is a great way to encourage your child to set goals, about commitment and also teaches about self-development. 

    Encourage your child to think about how they feel about the last year. Some writing prompts to help start them off might be:

    ‘’This year I have achieved…’’

    ‘’My favourite part of this year was…’’

    ‘’Next year I’d like to....’’

    Once written down you ask them to sign and date their work and you can then store them away in a jar or ‘secret’ box to then come back to next year where you can then reflect on everything that they wrote. Not only is this great to look back on but also will give you a chance to see how their handwriting has developed in a years time and can do the same again. 



    ….And there you have it, our top ways to get Children writing this Christmas. We hope you try out these wonderful ideas and we would love to see the outcomes! Don’t forget to share with our #lovewritingco family on socials @lovewritingco Snap, Tag & Share to be featured on our socials. 

    Follow us for lots of more Craft ideas and all things handwriting @lovewritingco Happy Writing!          

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