Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Kids: Fun and unique gift ideas

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Kids: Fun and unique gift ideas

It’s finally here! Something we are super excited and proud to release, our Love Writing Co. Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Kids: Small Business Edition. 

We have carefully hand picked each fun and unique Christmas gift for your children this year and hope together we can support some incredibly talented fellow small UK businesses.

We know how hard it can be when choosing a gift for our littles ones - there’s just so much to choose from, where do you start? We’ve got you covered. Here it goes, our Top Christmas gift choices for kids from all things inspiring, imaginative, fun, engaging and most importantly, educational. 

This guide will most certainly spark some imagination and set you up for the best Christmas gifts to date - Happy Shopping!

1. 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons: Crayon, Pastel & Watercolours 


Our first Christmas must-have! Does your child love colouring, drawing and is an all-round little artist? Our Love Writing Co. 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons will transform their creative skills to a whole new level. Their super cool feature of: Crayons as you draw and colour, smudge for Pastel's and add water with a paintbrush to create watercolours, will have your child immersed into hours of endless fun and creativity. 

Their easy glide and twist barrel feature encourages your child to improve their fine and gross motor skills whilst also practicing their Tripod-Grip. The crayons are non-toxic, no smell, and less wastage/mess due to their protective casing, which means they can be used with smiles from both children and parents. The best part, they are Washable! Easy to wash off surfaces, hands and clothes make for a great easy-clean activity for the whole family. 

The crayons' vividness and uniqueness will have your child smiling for the many months to come. Give the gift of creative learning this Christmas with prices that won’t break the bank. Trust us, they will not be disappointed. Shop here: Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons - Pack of 12


2. Handmade Wire Art: The Little Squid

    Spark a little imagination this year at bed time with a small business that we love, The Little Squid. Their unique handmade wire wall art ‘Once upon a time’ will unlock all of your child’s imaginations and set you up for some amazing bedtime stories. 

    Imagine it, you tuck your little one into bed, you look at their wall and begin with “Once upon a time….” and leave the rest to them. Encouraging a love of learning through exploration and imagination is such an important part of child development and this is the perfect addition for children who love to imagine. All of the stories this wall art creates can then be written in a book.

    The little squid's children's wall art capture such beauty and are a lovely handmade gift. Use this as story time imagination prompts to create story time with a difference. Shop their handmade collection here and get in touch for all of your Christmas queries, there’s lots of wonderful designs to choose from, perfect for the whole family:  https://www.instagram.com/the_littlesquid/


     3. A Complete Learning to Write Pack with all of your writing essentials: 3-9 years

    The gift that they can open all year round, a Love Writing Co. writing pack. Give the gift of writing this Christmas and encourage a great handwriting journey, perfect to use as a stocking filler or gift on the big day.

    Our learning to write bumper packs include everything your child needs to learn to write. Complete with handwriting alphabet practice books that help your child to practice letter formation, pencil grip and control. Phonics, fun writing games and activities will allow your child to have so much fun they often do not realise they are learning. Each pack also includes Erasable Colour Pencils, Writing Pencils and a very cool 2-in-1 Eraser Sharpener.

    Each pack is tailored to the correct age range, 3-5 and 6-9 to allow for a better age appropriate learning journey. BIG on fun learning and little on cost, discover more amazing learning packs and resources here: Handwriting Fun Gifts


    4. Colouring Books with a difference


    This ones an exciting one for us as we announce our new collaboration with The Jam Tart - we are excited to announce that here at Love Writing Co. we now stock these fun colouring books! 

    Colouring books with a difference for children is the perfect way to embrace fun learning this Christmas. Inspiring, educational and unique, what a perfect stocking filler. 

    This range of colouring books explore the alphabet, numbers, shapes, months, seasons, years and many more. Your child will develop their knowledge of the world around them and everyday knowledge. Nurture their learning in a fun and engaging way this Christmas by encouraging your child to learn as they colour. 

    The high quality, well-thought out designs spark imagination, aid learning and prompt independent creativity. The Jam Tart colouring books are now available to purchase from Love Writing Co, Shop this wonderful collection here: Children's Colouring Books


     5. Positive Mindset Journal: My Happy Journal

    We proudly recommend ‘My Happy Journal’ this Christmas. It is the perfect addition for children this year to help nurture positive mental health and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. My Happy Journal encourages children to celebrate their uniqueness and develops positive habits and thoughts. 

    With activities ranging from writing, fun doodling and drawing space, there is endless fun. As you know we love anything that is perfectly designed for little hands, so the A5 size on this journal is a perfect touch as it is easy to hold in their smaller hands. A comfortable fit in the hand makes it extremely welcoming for children and not a daunting ‘big’ task. 

    If you have been thinking about ways you can encourage gratitude, positive thinking and encouraging self expression with your little one, look no further. My happy journal is a Christmas must have. Get your very own happy journal today: My Happy Journal 


     6. Educational Flashcards: Happy Little Doers 


    Interactive cards that spark excitement, thinking and exploration. Happy Little Doers create exciting ways for your child to understand the concept of numbers, shapes, letters and even dinosaurs! Practice the timetables in an engaging way that will encourage your child to retain information at home so they are classroom ready.

    We’re big fans of these flashcards. How amazing is it to think such educational growth can happen from the palm of your very own hand. The knowledge that your child can learn about some amazing creatures is outstanding, alongside having images of what these creatures look like for visual identification and recognition. Learning with a difference, something we totally love. 

    Use these flashcards as a part of your daily routine to spark fun learning every single day. A truly wonderful gift this Christmas. Shop the collection: Educational Flashcards


    7. Card Games & Inclusive Clothing: Ducky Zebra

    Wholesome, inspiring and inclusive: 3 magical words that spring to mind to describe the ‘Ducky Zebra’ company. A company created to be inclusive of all genders and promote non-stereotypical expressive clothing for children. Their unique and beautiful designs are made from organic cotton. The Ducky Zebra collection has everything covered from rompers, coats/jackets, T-shirts and so much more.

    Not only do Ducky Zebra create incredible clothing, their ‘FeelIt!’ feelings card game is a favourite of ours. The game encourages children to get in touch with their emotions, understand their different feelings and open a truly important door to better adult-child communication. 

    An amazing selection of worthwhile, ethical and inspiring Christmas gifts. Check them out here Ducky Zebra


    8. Plantable Children’s book: WillSow 

    Imagine reading a book with your child, finishing the book and then planting it in the ground to become a Carrot, Lettuce and other herbs… WillSow make this a reality!

    The fun never ends with WillSow Books, snuggle up together to read one of their many amazing collections of plantable books and once you’ve finished the book, simply plant the book - Yes, you read that right, plant the book! Water and care for your planted book and watch your vegetable or herb grow. 

    Each book is sustainable and contains non-GMO seeds. Inner pages are made of recycled paper and are printed with vegetable-based inks that are stitches with cotton to avoid the use of harmful materials. A Christmas gift that is ethical and encourages a sustainable lifestyle. Shop the books here: WillSow Books

    9. Colouring and Writing Bundles for little writers and artists: Love Writing Co. 

    A gift that they can use all year round. 3 items in one bundle, win-win! These budget-friendly writing bundles include all of the writing tools your child will need for home and classroom handwriting. Bundles include:

    1. Erasable Colour Pencils - will help your child write, draw and colour for longer and with more ease. Erasable being a big winner here! Made a mistake or colour outside of the lines? Simply erase and start again. 

    2. Pack of Writing Pencils - will aid the correct Tripod Grip, reduce hand fatigue, allow your child to apply less pressure and in turn write quicker, easier and faster.

    3. PLUS a nifty double-barreled eraser sharpener - to encourage children to use their fine motor skills to sharpen their own pencils and erase away (easy eraser = no more tears)

    All Love Writing Co. products are responsibly sourced, FSC approved and endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association. Shop both age ranges here: Writing Bundles for ages 3-5 , Writing Bundles for ages 6-9


    10. The Rainbow Maker Self-Illustrating Book: Picture-This Books 

    Unlock your child’s imagination with a book they can illustrate themselves. Have you ever found yourself wondering what your child imagines when they read? Picture-This Books allows children to illustrate books themselves.

    The Rainbow Maker self-illustrating book takes your child on a journey of a fast paced adventure from everything dragons and to fairy wands and everything in between. Bring every colour in the rainbow back into the world through imagination whilst practicing drawing and colouring pencil grip & control along the way. Encourage confidence in your little ones imagination and creativity this Christmas. 

    How incredible that we can get a snippet into the minds of our children on every page. Printed on high quality paper, the colours of the rainbow really do pop (especially if you use our Washable Arty Crayons!) Shop the collection including Super Claus Picture-This Books


    11. Fun Handwriting practice books: Love Writing Co. 


    A gift that they can open every day. A gift that they will carry with them forever, knowledge. Love Writing Co. alphabet handwriting practice books are packed with engaging activities and the most important part, they are so much fun your child will enjoy writing. 

    With incentives and reward stickers for each activity and a fun activity to break up handwriting practice on each page, this practice book makes a perfect Christmas present. Enjoy handwriting practice at home and master writing techniques including pencil grip and control, phonics, letter formation and cursive or pre-cursive handwriting styles. The perfect stocking filler to provide hours of fun-filled learning. Click here to shop the collection for ages 3-9 years: Fun Handwriting Practice Books


    And there we have it! Our Top Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Kids. We hope you love it as much as we do and have discovered some amazing small business gifts. 

    Happy SmallBiz Shopping - be sure to follow us on socials @lovewritingco and visit our website www.lovewritingco.com for your FREE activities this Christmas PLUS special access to new handwriting practice products coming soon!

    Merry Christmas! 

    - Love from, Love Writing Co. x


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