Fun ideas for children to celebrate Halloween: Games, Decorations, Crafts!

Get read for a truly spooktacular Halloween with our fun and creative crafts and activities. 

Our easy Halloween crafts will make the kids scream with excitement and with only a few simple materials your children can create fun and easy Halloween crafts that will be perfect decorations. 

No matter how old your kids are, they'll love getting creative and getting messy too of course, so get set for the best Halloween yet with these easy Halloween crafts and game ideas for kids.

1. Get creative with decorations! Transform your home into a Haunted House

A super fun activity guaranteed to engage your little ones. Try out:

  • Hanging up cotton wool spider web - grab some cotton wool from the supermarket and stretch it out so it becomes distressed. Use our Love Writing Co. 3-in-1 washable crayons to watercolour some red scary blood patches onto them and stick them onto windows and walls
    • Our FREE spooky activity sheets include a homemade bunting (Free to newsletter subscribers!) - colour and decorate your bunting, then cut out, craft together and display!
      • The famous one - carve a pumpkin and pop a tealight in it. A great way to incorporate hand grip and control is to ask your child to sketch out their drawing on paper to create what they want the pumpkin to look like. Grab a piece of paper and our special writing pencils to allow them to practice grip and control (and also use their imagination!) 


      Image: Free craft activities available to newsletter subscribers and tutorials on @lovewritingco Instagram and TikTok


      2. Let’s get cooking Spooky Snacks

      Cooking is always a good idea, not only does it allow children to gain independence but it also creates family time where everyone in the family can get involved. 

      Why not pumpkin spice things up for Halloween? You could design some creepy cupcakes or bake chocolate bat biscuits to gift to friends and family as special Halloween treats.

      Check out the BBC good food website for some super cool cooking inspiration: 

      3. Halloween Sweet Scavenger Hunt

      As the weather can never be guaranteed (typical British weather), if exploring outdoors or Trick or Treating is put on hold due to rain or worse, the fun can be moved indoors!

      For a fun indoor Halloween activity, try the Love Writing Co. simple to set up scavenger hunt! Head over to free activities and select Scavenger Hunt. Once you’ve downloaded this, simply print and colour. Scatter them around the house and let the fun begin! 

      Top Top: The kids will have a ball looking for them, along their way you could also set up sweet treat prizes (these can be healthy sweet treats too)

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      4. Arts & Crafts: Let’s get creative (and be cost effective!)

    • Lollipop Stick Spiders

    • You will need:

      1. Wooden lollipop sticks or black pipe cleaners
      2. Black card or black pompoms 
      3. Googly eyes! 

      To create your ‘Lollipop Stick Spider’, take 4 wooden sticks and fan them out portraying 4 spider legs on either side. Then using a small circle of black card (or a black pom pom), stick the circle to the centre of the spider creating the body. Add some googly eyes to your lollipop stick spider and some string to hang up and decorate with!

    • Button Bats

    • You will need:

      1. Black card
      2. Black buttons
      3. String 

      Firstly, draw 2 bat shapes onto your black card and then cut them out. Then, stick 3 or 4 buttons in the centre of the bat. Decorate the bats with our Washable Arty Crayons. To add an extra layer of spooky-ness, attach the bats onto some string with glue or cello tape and hang them around the house from the ceiling. (Don't forget to duck when you walk by!)

    • Egg Carton Creatures

    • You will need:

      1. An egg carton
      2. Scissors
      3. Glue
      4. Anything else you’d like to decorate with: paints, crayons or googly eyes!

      Cut out the individual egg carton cups and put two together to create your monster. You could add some sharp scary teeth, a tongue or some horns!? A great idea is to put sweets and treats into the monsters mouths and hide them all around the house for little ones to find!

      • Pipe Cleaner Spiders & Webb 
      Check out our Instagram and TikTok video tutorial on how to make these super easy Spooky Spiders at home! Perfect fun for the whole family! @lovewritingco


      5. Halloween Games for the whole family 
      • Wrap The Mummy 

      This is a fun, simple and cost effective activity for children and will only cost you a roll of toilet paper… Seriously! (I wouldn’t attempt to reuse😂).

      Separate the family into two or more groups and have them select one person to be the ‘mummy’. After choosing a willing participant, have the rest of the team wrap them up in toilet paper - the first completely wrapped OR the best mummy, wins!

      Don’t forget to take pictures for memories, I am sure the children will LOVE to see themselves wrapped in toilet paper when they grow up! (Embarrassing parent moment pending😂)

      • Apple Bobbing

      Apple bobbing is an activity you’ve likely played before and is practically as synonymous as trick or treating during Halloween. 

      You will need a container that has plenty of room filled with around ⅔ of water and around 5 apples per competitor. The player must bob for as many apples as they can in 2 minutes without using their hands. 

      Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry off afterwards! 

      • Pin the spider on the web

      Pin the spider on the web is a classic spin on’ pin the tail on the donkey’ except whoever pins the spider closest to the centre of the web blindfolded wins!

      Using an A3 piece of black card and white chalk draw out a spider's web that fills the entire page then separately draw, colour in and cut out a few silly, spooky, spindly spiders to play with. 

      Top Tip: Use our Love Writing Co. colouring pencils to colour in your activities to encourage a better tripod grip within your child and provide them with a more comfortable colouring experience. 

      Did you know? Our pencils and colour pencils are uniquely designed to encourage the correct tripod grip, improve pencil control, prevent muscle fatigue and are ideal for both left and right handers. The best part is they are fully erasable meaning no more upset when colouring has gone outside of the lines!

      6. Halloween Events 

      Grab your broomsticks for a ghoulishly great day out at theHalloween events taking place across the country courtesy of English Heritage and National Trust.

      Need fiendish family fun to entertain your little monsters? Try their adventure trail inspired by Cressida Cowell’s bestselling Wizards of Once series, or head out after dark on a spooky woodland walk and much more.

      Have a very happy Halloween! 


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