Tips to inspire a love of writing for children.

Tips to inspire a love of writing for children.

Fun ideas to make learning to write easier. 

Here at Love Writing Co. we really appreciate how being a parent can often feel like ten jobs rolled into one but put your minds at ease as we share with you some helpful tips that will improve your child's writing skills and inspire a love of writing. 

Just watch as your child's enthusiasm for writing grows along with the beautiful bond with you and your child!

1. Help them get started. 

Even for adults, a blank page can be intimidating! So, it’s understandable that it would be just as intimidating for a child. Maybe you could start by posing them a fun question about something that interests them. Maybe help them by starting a mind-map with them, to help them build ideas about what they want to write about. This exercise is an excellent way to teach that not everything has to be perfect straight away and that they can make changes whenever they want. 

For younger children, a book with tracing and colour in would be a great way to start off their writing journey! Our Love Writing Co. alphabet practice books help children to understand letter formation and to build pencil control whilst having fun. 


2. Encourage them to read.

Reading is perhaps the most important thing t help a child learn to write. It’s a great way to expose readers to new words to expand their vocabulary! This can also show children how to structure sentences, the more they read, the more they will see and understand how writers link words together and encourage kids to do the same in their own writing.

Find the right book - Help your child find books that are not too hard or too easy as children have a better reading experience when they read books at the right level. You can check this by asking your child to read a few lines and then ask questions about what was read. If your child struggles with reading the words or retelling the story, try a different book.

3Keep a journal

Encourage your child to keep a reflective journal! Children need to express what they feel, as often they can feel like their opinions don’t matter - but wonderful news! They can have an outlet to express themselves all through a diary or journal. 

Journals help promote expressing emotions as a normative endeavor instead of suppressing thoughts which will help in your child’s emotional and social development. Younger children can use affirmation activity sheets or cards such as Love Writing Co free affirmation sheets at


4. Introducing an incentive.

A small reward may be just what is needed to encourage your child to write, maybe suggest if your child completes a sheet of handwriting, they will receive a well-rewarded treat! Whether it is a sweet, going to the park, or a sticker (idea for a sticker chart maybe!)

Maybe a treat to the cinema at the end of the month would motivate to do more reading and writing. 

Incentives are great to help towards a child's motivation for writing and get them in a positive mindset towards learning as a whole! 


5. Make writing fun

Try playing writing games e.g. hangman or fill in the blanks, as games will make writing more fun and interactive. Psychologically, if a child enjoys a task, they will not feel like writing is tedious work but fun and enjoyable. Keep incorporating fun with writing and you will see your child bloom with their writing ability. 

Write a letter to your child’s favourite character! Is your child’s favourite superhero Batman or a Disney character? Maybe their hero a family member? Why not help them write a letter to them? 

Whether your child’s addressing their letter to Gotham City or Disney World, it is a brilliant way to teach them the power and excitement in writing.


6. Teaching through example 

Writing a list of their favourite things! Whether food, places or people, write things you love with them! When your child sees the most important example (you) writing that will most definitely encourage them to write! Whilst you and your child are writing down your favourite things there will be an ease with the writing aspect, as it will not be tedious but an endeavour to help them think of things that bring them joy!

tips to help children learn to write

7. Write Stories with your child 

Explain what benefits learning to write can offer to your child, for example: writing their own exciting stories, communicating with loved ones, and gaining a skill that can be used and developed for life! Additionally, potentially helping find what they like to do in the future - becoming an author, poetry and overall knowing writing is a skill that is a big part throughout your child’s education.


8. Encourage and Praise

Encourage, praise and be patient. Loving encouragement and praise help build your Child's self-esteem with their ability for carrying out writing tasks. As confidence is grown, practice will help with the development of ability, and you will begin to see their confidence increase with ease! Being patient even helps the encourager develop patience for the child in general – thus everyone is growing in some way or another!


9. Having the right tools 

If you notice your child struggles to complete handwritten homework or write their name, then one way to help is by providing pencil they can hold comfortably and fits their hand properly. One of the best ways to improve fine motor skills is by making it easier and comfortable for children to learn to use them. Our Love Writing Co. pencils are specially designed to be easier to balance and control, enabling children to develop their tripod grip and fine motor skills more comfortably and at a faster rate than conventional pencils 

See more at

writing books for kids


10. Use Fun Free worksheets

Many sites do free worksheets and are a fun way for children to have a go at writing and to enjoy themselves while doing it. Online worksheets can make a difficult task such as writing easier and less intimidating because they allow children to be creative at the same time.  

See here for free downloadable worksheets available for you to print at home. There are arts and crafts worksheets and lots of colourful activity sheets to help your children practice their writing skills.

Love Writing Co can offer a range of helpful advice on our blog pages so be sure to check us out at 



Love Writing Co can offer a range of helpful advice on our blog pages so be sure to check us out at


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