Easter Activity crafts and ideas for Kids

Easter Activity crafts and ideas for Kids

Welcome to your one-stop guide to all things Easter arts & crafts, games, baking and more! There’s definitely something for the whole family to keep you having fun over the Easter Holidays. 

Let’s get crafty 

Top Tip 1: All of your crafts can be made with our 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayon sticks that are Crayon, Pastel and Watercolour all in one! Available to buy here 15% off using code HOP15 
Top Tip 3: By getting them to enjoy writing by incorporating writing into fun activities, it really helps to build a positive relationship between child and writing. All of your writing resources for you 3-9 year old are always here for you: click here to browse the collection 


1. Fingerprint Easter eggs

You will need:

  • White coloured card or paper 
  • Paintbrush & Water 
  • Love Writing Co. 3-in-1 (Crayon, Pastel & Watercolour) Washable Arty Crayons - get yours here

Firstly, draw and colour in a shape on the paper as thick as possible using your Washable Crayons. Add some water with a paintbrush and dip your fingerprint onto the watercolour. 

Press firmly onto a piece of card and decorate with your Arty Crayons. Create a pattern on each Easter egg once dry to make the prettiest Easter Egg Collage painting. Add a personalised message onto the paper (to practice handwriting, of course) and gift to friends & family over the holidays 

2. Paper handprint bunnies - A personal Favourite for us!

You will need:

  • Coloured card
  • Scissors
  • Writing Pencils - get your special writing pencils for ages 3-9 here
  • Washable Arty Crayons - get yours here
  • Pom-Poms for noses

Draw around your child's hand onto coloured card and ask them to carefully cut it out (With adult supervision) to practise their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Cut off the middle finger leaving only 4 fingers. Fold down the thumb and pinky finger to make your bunnies arms. Add whiskers, eyes and a pom-pom for nose and decorate with your Arty Crayons.

Check out our creation - SO GOOD, RIGHT!

3. Handprint spring flowers

You will need:

Select any of the 12 colours in our Arty Crayon pack - Draw the crayon onto a piece of paper making a solid filled circle. Use a paintbrush to add water to the crayon to make it into a watercolour. Paint your full palm with the paintbrush & watercolour. Press firmly onto a piece of paper to create your handprint flower. Repeat as many times as you like. Once finished printing your flowers, draw a green stem from underneath and design your bow. 

Allow your child to be as creative as they wish with design to encourage mark-making and explore with hand coordination when printing. 

Easter Games Inspo: Because who doesn't love an Easter game?!

4. Reading & Writing themed Egg Hunt!

What's Easter without a traditional egg hunt? It's easy enough to hide some eggs around the garden so here are a few ways you could make it educational:

  • Give each child a clipboard and have them tally off all the eggs they have found - encouraging counting mental maths and also writing numbers or tally’s down
  • Give out clues and make it into a scavenger hunt where they can read the next clue as they go along! Reading skills are just as important as writing skills 

5. Egg and spoon race

Gather family and friends for a traditional and super fun Egg and spoon race! First, mark up a short distance for the track. You will also need some eggs, spoons and blindfolds. Blindfolded, with an egg balanced on your spoon, the first to the end of the race track and back, wins! 

6. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

All you need is a A3 size paper, a pencil, a pompom and a blindfold. Grab your pack of writing pencils and draw out a big bunny but with no tail. Draw out a tail separately and cut out with scissors - ask your child to help cut out to practice their fine motor skills. Each person has a turn to pin the tail as close to where it is on the Easter bunny blindfolded, the closest wins! 

7. Easter egg puzzles: Practising Upper and Lowercase Letters

Trace different egg shapes onto some paper or card and get your child practicing their fine motor skills to cut the eggs out and then cut the eggs in half. On one half write an uppercase letter and on the other, the corresponding lowercase letter. Use Love Writing Co. Washable Arty Crayons to decorate afterwards to give a bit of extra art fun - get your craft essential crayons here. 

The aim of the game is to match up each matching letter so it has an upper and lowercase letter to complete the egg. This is a fun and simple way to practise the alphabet and recognising letter formation.

8. Chocolate Easter egg nests - Let's get cooking!

Click here to check out these Chocolate Easter egg nests, they are so fun and simple to make! Get messy this Easter baking sweet treats for the family, that won’t break the bank. Get your children writing and have them write out a shopping list of ingredients to get from the supermarket! When given important tasks, children feel valued and more confident.

9. FREE Easter Activities - Worksheets to keep them entertained and busy, free for you to download and print

This Easter, for those signed up to our newsletter, Love Writing Co. are offering FREE Easter activity sheets. Full of fun and engaging activities that will help your child learn letter and word formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation. Click here to get yours now!


We hope you all have an amazing Easter and a very HOPPY day. Remember to snap, tag and share with us on social using the tag @lovewritingco 

- Love from, Love Writing Co. x