Fun Valentines Activities For Kids: Free Resources, Creative Crafts & Activity Ideas

Fun Valentines Activities For Kids: Free Resources, Creative Crafts & Activity Ideas

Love, kindness, smiles & wonderful loving gestures... Cupid's on the way!

Valentine's day is soon approaching and we are excited to spread all things love and happiness with some super fun Valentines activities for you to try at home with the kids. Get stuck in with the fun this year, we have something for everyone including crafts, baking, games and much more!

In this blog, you'll find: 

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  • 'Make your own Flower Bouquet at home'
  • 'Valentines Day Card Templates' - Gifts for loved ones
  • Activities Ideas to share the Love & Kindness!
  • Ways to Incorporate Handwriting Practice & Valentines - Fun activities to get them writing!
  • Games for the whole family to enjoy
  • Books to inspire self-love & kindness - Great reads for kids!

    1. Let's Make Kitchen Memories! Valentines Baking Projects including delicious Recipes For Kids

    Head to the kitchen and get messy whilst making amazing memories with some Valentine's baking, because let’s face it, when are cookies ever not the answer?!

    Top Tip: Get your little one practicing their handwriting at the same time with this activity!

    Get them involved in writing shopping lists. This activity requires them to not only read from a recipe what ingredients they require but also write them down too. By giving your child the responsibility of writing the ingredients needed, you allow them to feel valued and important which is amazing for self-confidence and belief too!

    We have found some awesome Valentine’s baking recipes for kids on BBC good food that the whole family will love! Click here to check them out now 

    Happy Baking! Tag us in your pictures of your baking skills on socials using @lovewritingco, we'd love to see! 


    2. Encourage Creative Writing & Spread The Love: '5 reasons that you love your family and friends'

    It is a lovely idea to encourage children to express their love and feelings for other family members and friends.

    Depending on what level of literacy your child is working at with their handwriting, you can either start some writing prompts for them to fill in the gaps or you can allow them to freely and independently write their reasons. 

    Top Tip: Some Prompt ideas 

    “I love… because they… They are really….. Love from, …..”

    “.....Is the best at …… I love it when…..”

    This is a great way to get your children thinking about who they love and reasons why. Spreading kindness and love is something that here at Love Writing Co., we love to do!

    We’re delighted that this week is Children’s Mental Health Week, with this years theme being #letsconnect. This week, we focus on encouraging self love, connecting one another and believing in how amazing we really are! 

    To celebrate, why not join in and write down some reasons why you love your little one too! Creating a bonding experience sharing kind thoughts and feelings can really help improve your child’s mindset as well as showing great mirrored adult behaviours. 

    Top Tip: Don’t forget to use your Tripod grip Writing Resources.

    When writing down your special sentences, use our Love Writing Co. age appropriate Tripod Grip Writing Pencils and Tripod Grip Erasable Colouring Pencils.

    Our pencils have been specifically developed to fit a child’s hand and encourage the correct grip. See why 10,000's of parents choose our handwriting resources for their learners every day. Find out more here. 



    3. Valentine’s Games & Ideas to get them practicing Fine Motor Skills, Letter Formation, Handwriting & More! 

    • Heart puzzles: Practising Upper and Lowercase Letters

    All you need is some paper, scissors and our Tripod Grip Writing pencils!

    Simply trace out some different size hearts on a paper for your child to practice their fine motor skills and cut out - please only allow your child to cut using scissors independently under adult supervision for safety. Once the heart shape is cut out, then cut them in half.

    On one half write an uppercase letter of your choice and then on the other side, write the lowercase version of the same letter. 

    Mix them all up and jumble the letters around.

    The game is to match up each matching letter so it has an upper and lowercase letter to complete the heart. A great way to practice letters and recognise letter formation as well as hand-eye co-ordination! 


    • Cupid says!

    Take the traditional game of ‘’Simon says’’ and put a Valentine's spin on it. A game that can be a quick 5 minute game or keep them entertained for hours. You can even incorporate prompts for handwriting practice such as ‘Cupid Says, write your name as neatly as you can!’ 

    'Cupid says draw your best Doggie!' Don't forget to use your Washable Arty Crayons for the perfect arty experience too!

    • Valentine’s scavenger hunt

    A scavenger hunt is always a popular choice so why not make it Valentines themed?!

    Place some hidden chocolates, sweets and Valentine's goodies around the house and see if your little ones can scurry around to find them!

    Let them know how many goodies you have left for them to find and provide them with a piece of paper and a pencil to write down how many they have found as they go along.

    Younger children can write numbers and elder children can write as tally's. At the end, add them all up and see who wins! This is a great way to incorporate writing AND maths - it's a win win! 


    4. Make your own personalised Card with our FREE templates (and practice handwriting too!)

    The most simple and effective way to get kids writing on Valentine's Day is to have them make a card for friends and family. 

    A homemade card is always such a sentimental touch that the receiver will cherish for many years to come. Here at Love Writing Co. we have created some amazing FREE templates for you to access and use. Simply click onto our site here and sign up to our newsletter to unlock all of your FREE resources. Click here to sign up now! 

    Make your very own personalised card whilst of course practising handwriting, fun colouring and fine motor skills. 

    Take creativity and colourful play to the next level with our must have 3-in-1 Washable Arty Crayons. Use as Crayon, Pastels and Watercolours. They are sure to make any piece of art pop. Perfect for the whole family. Click here to shop



    5. 'Make your own Bouquet of flowers' FREE Activity Sheet: Colouring, writing and fine motor skills practice for kids

    Cut, colour, create with our FREE flower bouquet keepsake craft. Another FREE activity Love Writing Co. we have created for you to print and use in the classroom and at home.

    Check out what a lovely teacher sent us, created by the lovely students in their class - simply stunning! Please do share your creations with us via email at or tag us in on your social @lovewritingco (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube! We'd Love to see!)



    Top Tip For This Craft, Easy Tutorial: For tutorials on how to create the crafts, check out our Youtube and TikTok @lovewritingco for a step by step video on how to make this flat paper into a magnificent bouquet.

    Such a simple and effective way to get your child to practice colouring, fine motor skills and be creative.

    Sign up at to get your free templates. 


    6. Read a Valentine’s Day themed story-book

    When learning to write, practising reading is such an important part of success. Reading helps to:

    • Improve cognitive development
    • Widens vocabulary
    • Helps Develop empathy
    • Broadens the imagination
    • Builds stronger relationships
    • Can create peaceful & safe environments as well as routine (may children may have story time before bedtime which helps them to sleep)

    Why not try some of our favourite Love themed children's books - this includes, self-love & belief, love and care for others and expressing feelings which is a great part of child development. Here are a few of our top choices this year:

    • ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George!’

    George and friends celebrate Valentine’s Day with decorating, baking, card making and some surprises along the way!

    This book is great for not only reading but sensory and cognitive development as it is filled with red foil and lots of ‘lift the flap’ activities. Interactive books like this will keep your little one engaged and entertained for longer. Perfect as a bedtime story too. Available to buy from most major bookstores and online platforms. 


    • ‘I Like Me And I Love Me’

    A great way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is teaching your child about self-love.

    This delightful book is perfect for just that, it's filled with positive kid-friendly affirming messages written throughout and encourages children to think about what they love about themselves!

    Incorporate some handwriting into this task by asking your child to write down all of those positive things they love about themselves. You can then stick this onto your fridge or their bedroom wall to provide daily reminders of positive thinking and self love. 

    Available to buy from most major bookstores and online platforms. 


    • ‘Mr Men Little Miss: Love By Adam Hargreaves’

    Enjoy this lovely book celebrating friendship and love with your little ones. Encouraging self love and learning how to express love to one another with our words is the perfect gift to get kids reading, thinking and feeling the love this Valentine's Day

    Available to buy from most major bookstores and online platforms. 


    • The Mega Magic Hair Swap! By Rochelle Humes"

    ‘The Mega Magic Hair Swap’ is one of our favourites to read over & over again. It is such a lovely story about two little girls who make a magic wish to have perfect hair but soon realise they are already perfect the way they are.

    A story that we wish we had when we were little. A beautiful story that very lovingly promotes and encourages self love and belief. It celebrates differences in each other and we can firmly say that this book is one that will have you returning to read over and over again! 

    A firm favourite for us over here at Love Writing Co.! Available to buy from most major bookstores and online platforms. 


    Annnnd, that's a wrap from us! We wish you all a very lovely Valentines. Please do remember to tag us in on socials and send your pictures into us of all of your creations! Tag us in using @lovewritingco or email us at:

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      - Thanks for reading! Happy Writing, from the whole Love Writing Co. Team

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