Free and easy gift ideas for Mothers Day

Free and easy gift ideas for Mothers Day

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Give a gift with an extra special touch this Mothers Day. With our fun and easy craft & activity ideas to keep your children entertained and engaged. 

We have put together some of our favourite low-budget, easy craft ideas that will allow your child to practice their fine motor skills, handwriting and develop independence along the way - it’s a win-win for sure! 


1. Write a supermarket list of shopping for Mom’s special breakfast

Get them involved in the day and practice handwriting by asking them to help write out a shopping list for Mom’s Special Breakfast. 

Set out a template with the following columns:

‘What’s On The Menu?’

‘What Ingredients Do We Need?’

‘How many people are eating?’

‘Where will we get these ingredients from?’

By providing your child with a task of independence to think about what meal they would like to prepare, what ingredients they need and give them the responsibility to write this down, it not only gets them practising their handwriting but also allows them to feel valued and increases confidence. 

…Plus I am sure your special person will be super happy with a home-made breakfast cooked by little-chef’s!


2.  ‘I Love you lots’ keep-sake jars of loving notes - FREE Activity Sheet 

Download your FREE Mothers Day Jar activity here - Free Downloads available for all newsletter subscribers. Click here to get yours now! 

Simply grab an old glass jar (an old jam jar, peanut jar, coffee jar etc) and download our Love Writing Co. activity jar cut out template to fill your jar with kind, loving and sentimental notes. 

Download, print and cut out each individual message for them to trace and practice handwriting too. Each message is traceable and they can personalise each cut out message too. PLUS add cut out of flowers, hearts and stars to give that extra special touch. Lots of fun colouring! 

Add on some with pretty ribbons and she will be sure to keep the jar forever. Top Tip: Perfect with our erasable colour pencils (yes, erasable!!) and Washable Arty Crayons 3-in-1 Crayon, Pastel and Watercolour. Shop 15% off here

Super cute jar creation here! ⬇️

3. Mom Coupons!

Mom Coupons! Coupons she can redeem ANYTIME, ANYWHERE she wants! 

Super simple and easy to make and will be sure to put a smile on her face. 

Get your little one to trace out some rectangle shapes on a piece of paper and cut these out using their fine motor skills. Have a conversation about all of the things you think Mom will love as a coupon and ask them to write them down.

A few ideas:

‘Free Hugs All day!’

‘A Foot Massage’

‘A Head Rub for 15 Minutes’

‘Peace and quiet for  5minutes’ (I’d make a few of those). 

A great idea to get the kids stuck in with their handwriting practice and think of ways to be kind and help Mom out! 

Top Tips: Use our small special chunky writing pencils for the best handwriting practice and Arty Crayons for easy-clean fun. Available for ages 3-9 years

 Check out our coupon creations for inspo here! ⬇️


4. Write a Mothers Day Poem

A lovely way of showing Mom how special she is to us all is to write her a lovely poem.

Get those creative writing skills and thinking caps on to think of some lovely lines.

Use some prompts such as:

‘I love my mummy because she is….’

‘She is so….’

‘Her name is….’

‘My favourite thing about you is….’

Get those ideas onto paper using your special small chunky Love Writing Co. handwriting pencils, especially designed to fit a child's hand - click here for more. 


5. A Love List - '5 Things I Love About My Mom!'  

Writing a list can definitely be less daunting for some children as its brief and simpler format can spark quick thinking and imagination easier than forming entire paragraphs.

Mom will be overjoyed with a list of all the reasons why you love her so much. Whether that be her amazing cooking, beautiful hair or her fabulous laugh, the whole list will be sure to make her smile ear to ear. 

Add in some images or pictures into your lists to make it appropriate for even younger children to get involved. Get them drawing, writing and colouring to help practice those fine motor skills, build on a great handwriting foundation and practice letter formations with this activity. 

Check out our creation for inspo here! ⬇️


6. Let’s Get Creative: Cupcake Liner Flower Cards

You will need:

Simply draw out a flower shape onto the coloured card and cut this out. Once you have your flower shape, stick a cupcake liner in the centre to turn it 3-D! On the back of your flower, write out a special message using great handwriting practice.

Stick the flower onto a piece of folded card to make a greetings card or onto a green lollipop stick acting as the stem. You can either hand Mummy the card for Mother’s day or if you choose to use a green lollipop stick, add it into a small vase as a special flower! 

Top Tip: Write the message onto the paper cards before you stick the cupcake liner on to make sure you have a flat surface to write on - because we all know how important flat surface writing is!


7. Hand-print Flower Cards & Thumb-print Butterflies!

With 3 magical uses: Crayon, Pastel and Watercolour all in one sticks, our Washable Arty Crayons are a must have for this activity!

Simply use as a crayon on a piece of paper, grab a paintbrush and some water and transform the crayon into a watercolour. Then, pop your hand into the watercolour and onto the paper. Press firmly for a few seconds to leave a print. 

Lift your hand for a beautiful hand-print and repeat with thumb-prints for smaller butterfly designs.

Check out our creations here! ⬇️


Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing, strong and very loved mother figures. We’d be lost without you!

- Love from, Love Writing Co. x