The Importance Of Using the Correct Tools When Learning to Write

The Importance Of Using the Correct Tools When Learning to Write

Have you ever heard these words from your little one ‘’ My hands are hurting, I don’t want to write anymore!’’ or ‘’Learning to write is so boring!’’… Well, we're here to help!

 In this blog we’ll be diving into:

  1. Why using the correct writing tools is crucial: Top tools you need to help your child learn to write
  2. What we can be doing as adults and parents to help our children learn to write
  3. FREE access to early learning activity worksheets and activity ideas that will practicing them pencil grip & control as well as writing… all whilst having fun!

 Why is learning to write such a crucial part of a child's early learning journey and why are the right tools so important?

Learning to write is undoubtably an essential part of a child’s success throughout their life both academically and professionally, so it’s important that we provide our children with the correct tools they need to have a positive writing journey from the get go.

 Using incorrect tools that are uncomfortable for a child's hand can distract them from the task at hand and affect their attitude towards learning.

 Here’s why…

 Ensuring your child is using the right sized tools that fit their hands and are age appropraite will not only help with preventing muscle fatigue and hand strain, but also allows for a more comfortable writing experience. If your child is more comfortable writing, they will write for longer and feel happier doing so.  

 Writing tools with a soft core and easy-glide are helpful for children learning to reduce the amount of pressure put on the paper.

 Using pencils with a hexagonal shape encourages the correct tripod grip and helps to build a solid writing foundation. Using the wrong pencil grip leads to incorrect writing techniques, which can be difficult to unlearn later on.

Fun exciting stationery will have such a positive effect on children and actually get them excited about learning to write!

You can find all of our top handwriting tools for children that have all of the above here.

Check them out and select the perfect Tripod Grip tools designed to help your child write easier here.

 Use code BLOG10 for 10% off*. Handwriting resources that make it easier to write for children aged 3-9. Click here.


How we can help our children and what resources are out there to help?

 Parents, carers and teachers play a crucial role in providing children with the correct tools to make the overall writing experience stress-free and enjoyable. So, how can we help?...

1. There’s access to lots of free resources you can print for your child!

 Love Writing Co. offer FREE Handwriting Practice Guides on understanding and engaging with phonics, advice for left-handed children and handwriting tips and tricks to help your child's learning to write journey. Sign up for free to get yours here.

2.  Downloadable Workbooks: Print on demand activity sheets

 Unleash your child's creativity using our Instant Downloadable Activity Packs with fun printable handwriting practice worksheets, colouring and craft activities - There is so much to choose from! Check out all of the downloadable workbooks for ages 3-9 here.

3. Tripod Grip Writing Pencils: Invest in the right tools to help your child learn to write

 Using fun and colourful stationary is more likely to encourage a child to use and get excited by writing. Check out our Tripod Grip Handwriting Range for ages 3-9 here.

 Take away the tears and frustrations of learning to write with our Love Writing Co. Age 3-5 Tripod Grip Writing Pencils which have been specially developed to fit a child’s hands, making learning to write easier, quicker and more enjoyable.


✏️Wider diameter -  easy to hold

✏️Softer core - pencil moves smoothly

✏️Hexagonal shape - aids tripod grip

✏️Correct length - ages 3-5 years

✏️Premium finish - simple to clean

✏️Linden wood -  strong but light


4. Packs built to help your child: ages 3-9

Learning to write is stress free with our Complete Learn To Write Pack especially developed to make learning to write quicker, easier and fun! This handwriting practice pack contains everything you need to start your child on a fun learning to write journey and includes the full range of our award winning resources for children ages 3-5


✏️Pack of 5 Tripod Grip Writing Pencils

✏️Pack of 12 Tripod Grip ERASABLE Colouring Pencils

✏️Handwriting Practice Book 1: Pre-cursive for beginners

✏️Handwriting Practice Book 2: Pre-cursive practice

✏️Love Writing Co. Double Barrelled Sharpener, Sharpener model may differ from image - subject to availability

Combining letter and word formation practice with engaging illustrations and tracing exercises, the book is designed to teach letter and key word formation, reinforce knowledge of the alphabet and enhance your child's writing ability. PLUS fun reward stickers to encourage a positive attitude toward learning to write and completing tasks!


📚 29 Colouring activities

📚 58 pages of fun exercises

📚 Extends phonics knowledge

📚 36 reward stickers

📚 26 engaging characters

📚 Premium FSC certified paper

📚 Complements the National Curriculum

📚 Lay-flat format is also ideal for left or right handers.


5. A range of resources we recommend for your child to support their literacy journey

    Cursive and Pre-Cursive handwriting practice books that complement the UK National School Curriculum | SEND Friendly | lay-flat format is also ideal for right or left-handed children..

      Small, chunky, hexagonal writing pencils. Designed to be the correct length for children and with a wider diameter, softer core and hexagonal shape, our pencils prevent muscle fatigue and encourage the correct tripod grip, promoting a love of writing from an early age

        Perfect for fun learning at home, holidays and useful print on demand. Available for ages 3-9.

        Visit our website at to discover more children's handwriting resources

        Well that's it from us! Thankyou for reading, we hope you love this blog and find it helpful. Go to for even more FREE handwriting tips and resources for kids!

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