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Handwriting & Alphabet Practice Book 2 & Tripod Grip Pencils Set - Age 3-5

Handwriting & Alphabet Practice Book 2 & Tripod Grip Pencils Set - Age 3-5

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Beginners writing pack to help introduce early writing and the alphabet to children age 3-5 years.
This pack includes 5 Chunky Tripod Easy Grip Writing Pencils and Handwriting & Alphabet Practice Workbook Stage 1 Book 2.

This bundle will help your child build their essential early writing skills as well as develop their pencil grip with comfort and ease. 

Tripod Pencil Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Wider diameter and correct length for comfort grip
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Left & right-handed friendly

Workbook Features

  • Dots and arrows indicating how to form each letter shape
  • Dotted lines to write over
  • Guidelines indicating the height and length of letters
  • Word formation and activities to include numbers and phonics practice
  • 56 pages plus 35 FREE reward stickers. 
  • Teaches the alphabet sounds, letter formation (upper and lowercase) and pencil control

This workbook follow the UK National School curriculum and proudly awarded Dr Gummer's Good Play Guide as a part of our complete pack. 

Left and Right-handed friendly. SEND friendly approved resources. 

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Love Writing Co. Ages 3-5 Writing Pencils and Practice Book 2 will help your child: Write more often. Adopt a dynamic tripod grip. Develop hand muscle co-ordination. Learn pencil control. Learn alphabet, letter and word formation Understand and engage with phonics.

Will help your child: 

  • Write more often 
  • Learn to write in comfort 
  • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip 
  • Develop hand muscle co-ordination 
  • Establish pencil control 
  • Apply less pressure when writing 
  • Learn letter and word formation 
  • Understand and engage with phonics 
  • Build a solid writing foundation

Writing Pencils:

  • Wider diameter so they are easier to hold
  • Softer core so the pencil moves smoothly across the page
  • Hexagonal shape to encourage the correct tripod grip
  • Correct length for children aged between 3-5 years
  • Premium finish so they are simple to clean
  • Linden wood used for our pencils is fully FSC certified

Practice Book 2:

  • Pencil control through writing and colouring
  • Learn letter and word formation
  • 58 pages of fun exercises
  • Extend phonics knowledge
  • 36 reward stickers
  • 40 engaging characters
  • Premium FSC certified
  • Complement the National Curriculum