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Handwriting And Alphabet Practice Stage 1 Book 2 - Age 3-5

Handwriting And Alphabet Practice Stage 1 Book 2 - Age 3-5

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Make learning to write fun and engaging with our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Workbook Stage 1 Book 2. 

Developed to help introduce early writing and the alphabet to children age 3-5 years with a lay-flat and ring bound design. 

This fun and engaging handwriting practice activity book will help your child build their essential early writing skills as well as develop their pencil grip with comfort and ease. 

Teaches the alphabet sounds, letter formation (upper and lowercase) and pencil control- includes         

  • dots and arrows indicating how to form each letter shape
  • dotted lines to write over
  • guidelines indicating the height and length of letters
  • letter and key word formation, numbers and phonics activities 

56 pages of fun literacy, pencil control and writing exercises plus 35 FREE reward stickers. 

This workbook follow the UK National School curriculum and proudly awarded Dr Gummer's Good Play Guide as a part of our complete pack. 

Left and Right-handed friendly. SEND friendly approved resources. 

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Love Writing Co. Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book 2 will help your child: Develop focused pencil control through writing and colouring. Learn letter and word formation. Extend phonics knowledge. Learn writing fundamentals before starting school. Enjoy 58 pages of fun writing and colouring exercises, for children aged 3-5.

Will help your child:

  • Enjoy writing
  • Learn letter and word formation
  • Build pencil control
  • Establish a solid writing foundation
  • Extend phonics skills

Teaches the writing fundamentals:

  • Letter and word formation
  • 29 Colouring activities
  • 58 pages of fun exercises
  • Extends phonics knowledge
  • 36 reward stickers
  • 26 engaging characters
  • Premium FSC certified paper
  • Complement the National Curriculum