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Jumbo Writing Pencils Pack Of 32 | Ages 3-5 | Pencil Grip and Control

Jumbo Writing Pencils Pack Of 32 | Ages 3-5 | Pencil Grip and Control

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Take away the tears and frustrations of learning to write with our Love Writing Co. Ages 3-5 pencils which have been especially developed to fit a child’s hands, making learning to write is easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Designed to be the correct length and with a wider diameter, softer core and hexagonal shape, our pencils prevent muscle fatigue and encourage the correct tripod grip from the very beginning, promoting a love of writing from an early age.

Easy, comfortable grip means neat and tidy handwriting. Break resistant pencils with a relaxed hold whilst writing prevents muscle fatigue.  

The Jumbo pack offers great value and all our pencils are also ideal for left or right handers.

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        Love Writing Co. Ages 3-5 Writing Pencils will help your child or school pupils: Write more often. Adopt a dynamic tripod grip. Develop hand muscle co-ordination. Learn pencil control. Apply less pressure when writing.

        Will help your child

        • Write more often
        • Learn to write in comfort
        • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip
        • Develop hand muscle co-ordination
        • Learn pencil control
        • Apply less pressure when writing
        • Helps improve fine motor skills

        Perfectly designed for a child's hand:

        • Wider diameter -  easier to hold
        • Softer core - pencil moves smoothly
        • Hexagonal shape - aids tripod grip
        • Correct length - ages 3-5 years.
        • Premium finish - simple to clean
        • Linden wood - light yet stong
        • Responsibly sourced - FSC certified