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Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook & Tripod Grip Pencil Writing Set: Age 6-9

Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook & Tripod Grip Pencil Writing Set: Age 6-9

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Handwriting practice made easy with the Love Writing Co. Handwriting Practice Bundle 3 developed for children age 6-9 years.

2 Piece Bundle Writing Set: Includes 5 Tripod Easy Grip Writing Pencils and Handwriting and Sentence Practice Book. 

Help your children learn good writing habits and improve writing ability with this homeschooling resource.  Follow the fun activities with your child to strengthen their classroom learning.

Tripod Pencil Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Wider diameter and correct length for comfort grip
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Left & right-handed friendly

Handwriting Practice Book - Stage 2 Book 1 Features

  • Practice both upper and lowercase letter formation
  • Word and sentence practice 
  • Numbers, letters, phonics and more 
  • 56 Pages and 35 Reward Stickers 

Developed to make learning to write easier and fun

SEND friendly approved resources.

*Images including erasable tripod grip colouring pencils are for display purposes only. 2 piece bundle set: Book & tripod grip pencils.

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Love Writing Co. Ages 3-5 Writing Pencils and Practice Book 2 will help your child: Write more often. Adopt a dynamic tripod grip. Develop hand muscle co-ordination. Learn pencil control. Learn alphabet, letter and word formation Understand and engage with phonics.

Will help your child: 

  • Write more often 
  • Learn to write in comfort 
  • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip 
  • Develop hand muscle co-ordination 
  • Establish pencil control 
  • Apply less pressure when writing 
  • Learn letter and word formation 
  • Understand and engage with phonics 
  • Build a solid writing foundation