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Pre-Writing Skills Gift Set & Tripod Grip Pencils | Ages 2+ Bundle

Pre-Writing Skills Gift Set & Tripod Grip Pencils | Ages 2+ Bundle

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🎨 "My First Pre-Writing Skills Gift Set" with Tripod Grip Writing Pencils for Ages 2+ - A Fun and Fundamental Start to Writing!

Delight your toddler with our 'My First Pre-Writing Skills' Gift Set, including an engaging activity book and ergonomic writing pencils, perfectly tailored for little hands just starting on their writing journey.

Why This Gift Set is Ideal for Young Pre-Writers:

  • Foundational Pre-Writing Skills: Specially designed to support children aged 2+ in controlling a pencil to form shapes, trace patterns, and draw, laying the groundwork for letter and number formation.
  • Ergonomically Crafted Writing Tools: Includes 5 chunky Tripod Grip writing pencils, created to prevent muscle fatigue and promote the correct tripod grip, building fine motor skills effectively.
  • Engaging and Educational: The activity book is filled with pre-writing activities, helpful tips, and advice, plus 48 pages of fun, complemented with FREE reward stickers.

Bundle Highlights:

  • Perfect Beginners Set: A comprehensive starter pack to guide your child's early writing and drawing skills.
  • Free Eco-Friendly Gift-Bag: Comes with a delightful Eco-Drawstring Bag, making it a perfect gift (subject to availability).
  • Expert Endorsement: Recommended by Dr. Gummer's Good Play Guide as a tool for developing fine motor skills.

Bag subject to availability. Discount codes not applicable.

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